Friday, June 26, 2009

Optimus prime is a G

Just got done watching Transformers 2 and its crazy. Worth the $11.50. Optimus Prime is a g this time not like the panzy he was in number one but they made starscream into a little girl not the badass I thought he would be. Megan Fox is a warrior goddess. She controls humans, the military, and even decepticons but we knew that before the movie started. Shoot its just two hours of action and hyped up music. Makes me wanna pull into some five foot sets that are going off at the home breaks right now. Oh I'm transferring to whatever school Sam W attends cuz boulder asu and georgia don't got nothing on those girls. Damn mobile blogging is the ish.

With the first pick in the 2009 NBA draft...

tourist photo in front of Staples

Got to check out see the Staples Center and LA Live for the first time yesterday. I went with my cousin and his friends to the LA Clippers draft party at the ESPN Zone right across the street from the Staples Center. It was fun celebrating the basketball season weeks after the Lakers won. I must be good luck for this town. Lakers win it all, Dodgers are killing it, and Clippers get the first pick in the draft. We had a big crew so we were able to be loud and take up lots of space. Everyone was in party mode at 4 in the afternoon since we were in the VIP section where they were serving free drinks and food. Clippers got Blake Griffen which was no surprise but ESPN kept talking about some crazy trades going down including Ty Lawson to the Nuggets. We stayed through the whole first round and then headed out to King Taco for some ono mexican food that I felt burning up my stomach all this morning.

Me and the King

A huge skateboard they put out to promote X Games

I met a 7 footer. (I'm standing on a table)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bodyboarders gone wild!

Finally got to surf for the first time since middle of may. Went to the Ave's on both saturday and sunday and they were like two different spots. Saturday was a pretty sick sesh with a couple of cool guys. It was barrelling nice on the inside and had some 2 1/2'ers on the sets. Sunday was a totally different story. It was super choppy and I could only go straight. Plus it felt like I was was bodyboarding in the grass during the winter rains back home cuz everytime I came up from duckdiving I was wrapped in strands of seaweed. The long strands of kelp looked like snakes in the water. It was pretty much a mission to be out there. Only positive was I GOT TO SURF N JUST BOARDSHORTS. I finally didn't have to get fully suited up and look like a sitting seal in the ocean. I'm getting some of my natural color back now. I know blogging isn't anything without pictures so i'll work on it next time. Down to weekly surf sessions so until then..Aloha.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

This is not an iphone..

Right now I'm an official blogger geek by typing this from my new phone, the palm pre. It's better than an iphone. %'m just playing around right now but pictures are coming soon. I haven't gone to the beach in about 3 weeks so hopefully i'll start that soon along with my job. A  good start to the month and my summer in LA

Friday, May 15, 2009

Surf Ave.

Little nephew and niece Keoni and Maya

We decided to save Vegas for the weekend so I can cruise the nightlife with my cousin instead of a day trip. So I've just been hanging out with my cousin Caz from Hilo and his family for the past couple of days. We got to eat some good local food at the house and at Kings Hawaiian out in Torrance. Got my custom order of the world-famous Cafe 100 pocho-loco. But I needed my surf so I decided to switch houses and luckily this morning I didn't have to wait long for the next session. Got up and 6:00am and headed to the Avenue's rock wall with Pomai. Got some nice barrels and it was better than my last time in the middle of the ave's. Surfing with Hawaiian's is always fun.

first wave


visitor taking the waves


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bad Surf > No Surf

back in the water. off to vegas for the week.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Boulder 4/20

It's been a weird couple of weeks of weather here. Sun , 68 degrees, then dumping snow for a couple days, repeat. Now it's sunny and hopefully spring will stay. Monday was the perfect college day. Nice clear weather, happy people mingling on the streets, and a smoke sesh with you and 15,000 others! CU is ranked as one of hightimes top 10 cannabis colleges and this past 4/20 everyone came out to prove it. It was some 1975 Woodstock action, the hippies took over. There were different kinds of activities all day long at Norlin quad, a huge field that haoles like to hang out on to get tan. I seen joints, blunts, super blunts, brownies, pipes, gas masks. If was like being in a testing facility for a department glass store. As it got closer to 4:2o pm the field started filling up and the air got foggier. It was like God got lazy and decided to make the sky clear so it was up to us University of Colorado students to fill the sky with clouds. And so we did..

in there..(need sun)

the 420 Cloud

The field was good fun just chilling with everybody out in the open like it was legal. There were cops there but they were cool with everything. They were just put on the field to make sure there weren't any riots. Even though the bud seemed to make everyone mellow out. It was a cough fest out there if you just listened for more than 10 seconds. After the event that was 420 there was a massive migration back to the hill for munchies.

Can birds get high?

That isn't picture blur

munchie lines out the door

Of course 420 = glass deals so I had to check out the shop right around the corner from my place. Got a sweet 40% discount on a little spoon piece. It's got a frog and a dragonfly on the front of the bowl and a turtle that looks at you while you're hitting it. The bowl has this wood burning color so I named it 'Awi which is hawaiian for fire.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Break Ends, Snow Starts

Mother Nature decided to bless me with a nice April Fools joke today, SNOW! It snowed maybe 5 days this whole semester but today it dumped like a blizzard. Thankfully it was "good snow." It wasn't frozen and sticking to the ground so it didn't look like I was walking around outside with skates on.

Start of the snow outside my window. (Qdoba, my Colorado Mexican Food)

Walking like penguins

Colorado Whitewash

Tomorrows forecast? 59 and sunny. That's Colorado weather for you..

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Porto and the Pier

Last couple of days I've just been staying in the South Bay area, either hitting up El Porto or Manhattan Beach Pier. It's been nicer than I've been ever able to surf it but I still wish I got a part of that south swell from a couple of weeks ago.

Caught the afternoon session at El Porto on Thursday. It was about 1-2' but pretty messy. Lots of closeouts and straight rides. Felt good for waves to actually get big enough to get stuck in the inside. The sickest wave of the day was caught by the dolphins. Heard them laughing underwater probably teasing us for needing fins and boards.

No drop in.

Rockin' the She-say-do

The pier was pretty junk on Friday. Lots of kids were out for a "surf class." I thought that's what every session is? Hope they don't pay for that. Saturday morning was pretty mean. Had some nice rideable lefts on the south side of the pier then followed everybody to the other side for the party waves. Met a bunch of the spongers and look forward to more sessions when I get back. Got a nice video that my cousin filmed that's on his blog. Check it out.[teamstoked]

Friday morning DK

Manhattan Bodyboarding Pier

Also got to visit Venice Beach. It's a pretty crazy place, like Waikiki in the daytime. Had all kinds of characters. From the weirdos to the hotties. Lots of action down there. Stoners, power lifters, active basketballers, and beach cruisers.

Well that's it for this trip. It was a fun week and a lot faster than I thought. Back to Colorado for school for another month and should be back in the Pacific Ocean during the first couple weeks of May. Shoots!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

OC Surf Session

Salt Creek Backdrop

Woke up at 5:30am and headed down to Salt Creek in the OC. It was a mission but worth it for the waves. Got to surf with a couple Hawaiians. It was only like 1-2' but had a couple 3' sets. There was a surf school class going on so it was super crowded for 7:30 in the morning. The barrels were pretty mean when we first showed up and there wasn't much wind all day. Lots of guys don't yell out "HO!" around here so I'm pretty sure I cut off a bunch of guys but no matter, I was deeper. Picture time.

It threw over 2 seconds later

Later in the day. Wasn't as good, but was better than the other days.

Get up now, Get on up.

Hau'oli :)

Waves are supposed to be up to 1-3' tomorrow. Might check out whatevers good in the LA South Bay area.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Out Surfing

Got into California on Thursday night and have been surfing and eating In-N-Out for the past two days. Yesterday we went to manhattan beach, the number one spot to be seen said the Travel channel. It was a foggy morning and really cold. Had to bust out the full wetsuit. Got up couple times but it just felt good to be in the water again.

Out there.

Getting up. Was this cold and this dark.

No can pull in

Today we checked out El Porto. When we first stopped by it was empty and weak. Went to go check out Manhattan pier but was more flat over there. By the time we rounded back to El Porto it was pretty full already so we had to get out there. Was pretty small out but I had fun. Came and got visited by some dolphins, they came real close to some guys, and that's when it got better. Lots of guys out so I had to be deeper than everybody. Lots of guys looked lost trying to catch whitewash or breaking waves so I took first dibs on everything.

California Backdrop

Little Righty

Waves is supposed to be coming up to 3' in the next couple days so hopefully next post will have some barrels.

Monday, February 9, 2009

IN-N-OUT is da bomb.

I went to Las Vegas this weekend. We drove through Colorado, Utah, little bit of Arizona, and Nevada. Pretty good idea. I just heard some haole boys from my freshman dorm talk about driving out to stay at the Hilton and told them I was jumping in. Only cost me $25 to get there. We left midnight friday night and got there at 11am. Then we left at 12pm the next day. 25 hours in Vegas and 25 hours of driving. chhee. It was raining when we got there and it was colder all weekend than Colorado is right now. First time I seen Vegas cold. I just cruised with all the Hawaiians at UNLV. Was good to see everybody from hi school again. I need to get my camera back so I can get proof. All I have is this picture of a 3x3 with animal style fries. In-N-Out is da bomb.

And this picture of the Hilton lobby bathroom cause its funny. No worry I know that guy.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Stuck on the mainland

Haven't had anytime to write anything since I've just been going to school the last couple weeks. I'm in Colorado stuck in the snow for now so I won't be surfing anytime soon. Guess we'll have to wait until summer..

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Moku o Keawe

Didn't get to do my annual New Year's day surf sesh since the waves was down but I got to cruise to Big Island for the past week. Never got to surf too much since I'm cruising here with my cousin that has a dislocated shoulder. Monday I surfed with Kawika Paul. Had some nuts waves at 4miles in the morning that was too crazy to catch. Honoli'i had some better waves and I couldn't even make it out my first try. That day was huge, like 3-5'.  Never got to surf another couple days then went the other day again. 

My cousin Jonah tried to come out with me and check on his shoulder but it popped out within the first couple waves. I took a shot of Honoli'i from the bronco. Jonah was bored too so he took some videos and pictures while I was rippin it up.

I leave at 10pm tonight, headed to Pohoiki.