Sunday, March 29, 2009

Porto and the Pier

Last couple of days I've just been staying in the South Bay area, either hitting up El Porto or Manhattan Beach Pier. It's been nicer than I've been ever able to surf it but I still wish I got a part of that south swell from a couple of weeks ago.

Caught the afternoon session at El Porto on Thursday. It was about 1-2' but pretty messy. Lots of closeouts and straight rides. Felt good for waves to actually get big enough to get stuck in the inside. The sickest wave of the day was caught by the dolphins. Heard them laughing underwater probably teasing us for needing fins and boards.

No drop in.

Rockin' the She-say-do

The pier was pretty junk on Friday. Lots of kids were out for a "surf class." I thought that's what every session is? Hope they don't pay for that. Saturday morning was pretty mean. Had some nice rideable lefts on the south side of the pier then followed everybody to the other side for the party waves. Met a bunch of the spongers and look forward to more sessions when I get back. Got a nice video that my cousin filmed that's on his blog. Check it out.[teamstoked]

Friday morning DK

Manhattan Bodyboarding Pier

Also got to visit Venice Beach. It's a pretty crazy place, like Waikiki in the daytime. Had all kinds of characters. From the weirdos to the hotties. Lots of action down there. Stoners, power lifters, active basketballers, and beach cruisers.

Well that's it for this trip. It was a fun week and a lot faster than I thought. Back to Colorado for school for another month and should be back in the Pacific Ocean during the first couple weeks of May. Shoots!

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