Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sandys and Standup

I was just in time for the first south swell in a while when I headed down to Sandys on friday. about 1-3' but pretty windy. First time bodyboarding in a while so I went over a few times and didn't go too big. Still had some fun times and seen the same regulars out there having a good time. Didn't get a prime parking spot since it's furlough friday so I only managed to snap this one photo right past Hanauma Bay heading back to Waipi'o.

was my first time Stand Up Paddleboarding ever. I just went to Hale'iwa Harbor with my sisters family and we just bbq'd and cruised til work started. PADDLEBOARDING IS NOT AS EASY AS IT LOOKS! So I was paddling out and thought I was killing it because of how fast I could go, but when I decided I wanted to go back in I found out my problems. First I couldn't turn the board and once I didn't realize how far the wind took me. I must've paddled in the same spot for 5 minutes until some local guy helped me out. First thing was I was holding the paddle backwards. It is also quite the workout. Pretty embarrassing to need to be saved on my first time but once I got the hold of it I loved it. Kept going back and forth. It would be sick to use for lazy flat days to check out the north shore beaching this summer.

I'll be heading back to the beach soon for more practice in the water after my sunburn stops stinging so much.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Mid-Year!

Wow almost a whole year since my last post. really gotta get on it. I WILL GO TO THE BEACH BY THE WEEKEND AND NEW PICS WILL BE UP SOON! looking up to maybe get a sick new dslr to chronicle my new perspectives of home after living in the mainland for the majority of the past four years. but for now just trying to get my clothes game up. here's the new pickups..

ALIFE Public Naval Plaid online from wish

Nuggets are out but I'm still cheering for the WEST. [[Forest Lab "Only Kings Have Rings"]