Saturday, March 21, 2009

Out Surfing

Got into California on Thursday night and have been surfing and eating In-N-Out for the past two days. Yesterday we went to manhattan beach, the number one spot to be seen said the Travel channel. It was a foggy morning and really cold. Had to bust out the full wetsuit. Got up couple times but it just felt good to be in the water again.

Out there.

Getting up. Was this cold and this dark.

No can pull in

Today we checked out El Porto. When we first stopped by it was empty and weak. Went to go check out Manhattan pier but was more flat over there. By the time we rounded back to El Porto it was pretty full already so we had to get out there. Was pretty small out but I had fun. Came and got visited by some dolphins, they came real close to some guys, and that's when it got better. Lots of guys out so I had to be deeper than everybody. Lots of guys looked lost trying to catch whitewash or breaking waves so I took first dibs on everything.

California Backdrop

Little Righty

Waves is supposed to be coming up to 3' in the next couple days so hopefully next post will have some barrels.

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