Monday, February 9, 2009

IN-N-OUT is da bomb.

I went to Las Vegas this weekend. We drove through Colorado, Utah, little bit of Arizona, and Nevada. Pretty good idea. I just heard some haole boys from my freshman dorm talk about driving out to stay at the Hilton and told them I was jumping in. Only cost me $25 to get there. We left midnight friday night and got there at 11am. Then we left at 12pm the next day. 25 hours in Vegas and 25 hours of driving. chhee. It was raining when we got there and it was colder all weekend than Colorado is right now. First time I seen Vegas cold. I just cruised with all the Hawaiians at UNLV. Was good to see everybody from hi school again. I need to get my camera back so I can get proof. All I have is this picture of a 3x3 with animal style fries. In-N-Out is da bomb.

And this picture of the Hilton lobby bathroom cause its funny. No worry I know that guy.