Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Break Ends, Snow Starts

Mother Nature decided to bless me with a nice April Fools joke today, SNOW! It snowed maybe 5 days this whole semester but today it dumped like a blizzard. Thankfully it was "good snow." It wasn't frozen and sticking to the ground so it didn't look like I was walking around outside with skates on.

Start of the snow outside my window. (Qdoba, my Colorado Mexican Food)

Walking like penguins

Colorado Whitewash

Tomorrows forecast? 59 and sunny. That's Colorado weather for you..


  1. that sucks hahaha wish you could surf more with us bro good meeting you e-mail me if you want at ill give you surf reports haha

  2. Whoa!!! Looks nice but freezing at the same time. Good luck out there with everything and see you soon in the lineup. Keep us posted with what's going on out there. SHoots!!!