Thursday, April 23, 2009

Boulder 4/20

It's been a weird couple of weeks of weather here. Sun , 68 degrees, then dumping snow for a couple days, repeat. Now it's sunny and hopefully spring will stay. Monday was the perfect college day. Nice clear weather, happy people mingling on the streets, and a smoke sesh with you and 15,000 others! CU is ranked as one of hightimes top 10 cannabis colleges and this past 4/20 everyone came out to prove it. It was some 1975 Woodstock action, the hippies took over. There were different kinds of activities all day long at Norlin quad, a huge field that haoles like to hang out on to get tan. I seen joints, blunts, super blunts, brownies, pipes, gas masks. If was like being in a testing facility for a department glass store. As it got closer to 4:2o pm the field started filling up and the air got foggier. It was like God got lazy and decided to make the sky clear so it was up to us University of Colorado students to fill the sky with clouds. And so we did..

in there..(need sun)

the 420 Cloud

The field was good fun just chilling with everybody out in the open like it was legal. There were cops there but they were cool with everything. They were just put on the field to make sure there weren't any riots. Even though the bud seemed to make everyone mellow out. It was a cough fest out there if you just listened for more than 10 seconds. After the event that was 420 there was a massive migration back to the hill for munchies.

Can birds get high?

That isn't picture blur

munchie lines out the door

Of course 420 = glass deals so I had to check out the shop right around the corner from my place. Got a sweet 40% discount on a little spoon piece. It's got a frog and a dragonfly on the front of the bowl and a turtle that looks at you while you're hitting it. The bowl has this wood burning color so I named it 'Awi which is hawaiian for fire.


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